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The 10-meter prototype of the UAVOS's High Altitude Pseudo Satellite (HAPS) ApusDuo aircraft has been manufactured as part of the development program of HAPS ApusDuo with a wingspan of 28m. That prototype was made for testing control algorithms, including take-off and landing, full-scale verification of HAPS aerodynamics. Test flights have fully confirmed the flight characteristics of the UAV.
The R-22 unmanned helicopter is a part of UAVOS's piloted into unmanned aircraft programme, it's as an answer to a global need in the unmanned cargo delivery market. The R-22 UAS is based on a piloted Robinson helicopter. The R-22 delivers up to 180 kg with a range up to 900 km.
A piloted aircraft converted into Albatross UAS is an ideal aircraft for Urban air mobility (UAM) industry. The Albatross UAS is based on manned ultralight Pipistrel Sinus. The unmanned aircraft is able to deliver up to 200 kg with a range up to 2250 km.
UAVOS company in collaboration with King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), Saudi Arabia, is working on scientific research and development of the Flight Control System (FCS). The FCS is designed to fit and leverage multi-mission, multi-domain UAV platforms. The experience and first-class knowledge the R&D partners have shared, resulted in the creation of a Saker-1B MALE UAS. The specifications of the UAV system is confirmed by more than 500 hours of day and night test missions under various weather conditions. A total of 1000 hours of take-off and landing test missions were successfully performed. The long endurance flights lasted up to 19 hours.
Uavos Continues To Implement Its Unmanned Aircraft Conversion Program
UAVOS has started testing its converted UVH-500 delivery unmanned aerial system (UAS). Designed to compete in an advanced long distance and intercity transportation segment of the UAV delivery market, long - range heavy - lift UVH-500 UAS is based on the piloted CH7 helicopter platform. The trial involves testing of the air basic aircraft systems, emergency operating modes including autorotation landing, flights with a cargo container weighing up to 130 kg.   

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