These companies make a difference in the push for automation in multiple industries. Each one is making a difference on its own, but together with their peers they enable applications that were unthinkable before... 


All Things Unmanned
Proprietary unmanned aerial, ground and surface solutions with applications in commercial, industrial and defense markets. Design, development and manufacturing of unmanned vehicles and autopilot systems as well as components such as servo drives, pan-tilt platforms, rescue/emergency landing systems. Solutions range from small industrial surveillance drones to multi-ton UAVs.
In-flight Drone Charging
Wireless energy transfer, allowing in-flight charging for electric UAVs
Landing Assistance Systems
Land your drone with 2cm precision in any situation: obstructed horizontal landing, day/night/rain/snow, no GPS, moving landing point..
Hybrid Engines for UAVs
High performance hybrid engines for your UAV
3D Imaging Core Technology
Whether for industrial design, digital twin or 3D maps, Webgears is uniquely fit to make it happen
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Realtime Image & Video Processing
Face, license plate and other objects recognition, realtime video and image processing
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