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UAVLAS Developed Universal Solution for Precision & Safe Landing for UAVs


UAVLAS has introduced the ultra-high precision autonomous landing system for UAVs, a set of sensors and software that provides a direct connection between drone and landing site.  As a result, the advanced landing assistance system ensures an accurate and safe landing even in the absence or weak GPS signal, strong and gusty wind, landing on a charging station, or mailbox, operations in dark or fog. UAVLAS's landing assistance system is aimed to solve the bottlenecks in the most costly & critical segment last mile  delivery.

Watch testing of the landing assistance systems in action:

The ultra-high precision landing system consists of a ground transmitter (landing platform) and a lightweight onboard receiver on a drone (Plug&Play) and software enabling the system to operate with commonly known autopilots. The transmitter creates a virtual grid of positions above itself, and the receiver directed by the current grid square determines its position in relation to the landing platform. Such design and software solutions reduce the risk of damage to the UAV through the guarantee of precise landing and extend its application.

Advanced features include:

  • the system does not require additional sensors for its work. The onboard unit can independently determine the distance to the landing site. 

  • The on-board receiver also does not require data from the drone inertial system and all changes do not depend on the inclination and speed of movement of the aircraft - this allows you to work stably with strong gusts of wind when the angular position of the drone changes very quickly. 

  • Low power consumption (less than 0.3 watts for the onboard module and 1.1 watts for the ground module) allows the system to operate for a long time from a small power source. 


It is possible to easily change the approach path (to make it not vertical but at an angle) - this allows the vehicle to land in places where there is an obstacle on one side (for example, a balcony).

Precision landing is a critical requirement for various drone applications. It is an essential feature for performing several accurate and efficient drone operations such as delivery, docking station, security and surveillance.

Yury Kapacheuski, CEO at UAVLAS, said: «At UAVLAS we have created a robust and reliable solution for precision landing on any desired site with maximum accuracy, for security, delivery, and inspection applications. Our ultra-high precision landing system is compatible with a wide range of drones. It offers the ability to autonomously land or hover a drone over a visual target for delivery, docking station, warehouse or asset inspection, even in GPS-denied environments». 

8 December 2020

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