Global Energy Transmission has tested a new ultra-light high-power onboard AC/DC converter for Wireless Charging Station

The weight of receiving system was always a challenge for high-power wireless transmission. Global Energy Transmission (GET) continues to undertake efforts to maximize efficiency and minimize weight for receiving system — one of the core components of GET’s innovation.

We are glad to announce finalizing of tests of the new ultra-light high-power AC/DC onboard converter, which may transform 600V RMS at 130kHz AC into 50V 120A DC with 99.5% efficiency, and total weight of just 80 grams.

Thus you need just one such module onboard for up to 6kW power transmission, or 2 modules for 12kW.

This is one more step to achieve our bold goal where Wireless Power Networks based on GET solution will become a worldwide standard for in-flight wireless charging for drone-based services as well as urban air transportation and beyond.

22 September 2020

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