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Heavy-Lift Cargo Delivery Unmanned Aircraft As a Way To Address Huge Logistical Problems

February 24, 2021 | Aliaksei Stratsilatau, CEO at UAVOS


It’s not about being able to fly from point A to point B without human intervention…it’s about consistency and fault tolerance.

UAVOS has a vast experience of converting manned aircraft into unmanned platforms of both helicopter and Fixed Wing types. We see conversion program opportunities as an answer to a global need in the UAV delivery market for the high lift capacity platforms which meet requirements of reducing emissions, low prices of shipping, creating a safer system for delivery, and delivering rapidly in out-of-the-way locations. 

  • KAGU 150 unmanned helicopter based on the Heli Sport  Italian CH7 helicopter, traditional manned ultralight. It delivers up to 180 kg with a range of up to 950 km.  

  • R-22 unmanned helicopter based on the piloted Robinson 22 helicopters. It delivers up to 180 kg with a range of up to 900 km. 

  • Albatross Fixed wing UAV based on a Sinus light aircraft manufactured on a large-scale by Pipistrel. It's able to deliver up to 200 kg with a range of up to 2250 km. 

Enhancing the unmanned aircraft with UAVOS’s autopilot gives additional features and advantages. 

Technical Challenges

Precision Landing:

  • fully automatic flight mode

  • delivery cargo to hard-to-reach areas

  • night operations

  • flights under severe weather conditions

  • autorotation landing capability

Operation in Fully-disconnected mode:

  • remote Ground Controls network capability

  • equipped with Beyond Line-of-Sight (BLOS) data link system for over-the-horizon operations


  • high efficiency flight control based onTECS (Total Energy Control System)

  • back-up systems

  • parachute allows to lower the overall crash risks



  • military grade of protection on both software and hardware level, 

  • yielding immunity to EM attacks and GPS-spoofing, 

  • secure command channel on hopping frequencies, etc.

Benefits of traditional aircraft converted into UAV

Converting piloted aircraft into UAV allows to minimize risks of operational expenses for large UAVs.

  • cost-effective alternative to developing new UAV

  • the aircraft are certified

  • availability of operating documents

  • access to 95% of spare parts 

  • better choice of ready to use payloads

  • basic training for UAV technicians

  • lower insurance costs

Wide variety missions 

  • Intercity Delivery 

  • Cargo

  • Humanitarian

  • Disaster relief 

  • High-precision, heavy equipment: Lidar, SAR, Electro-Optical Systems, Spraying Equipment for Precision Farming

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