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UAVOS and BNW Group To Advance Remote Weapon Station For Defense Missions


UAVOS, a developer and manufacturer of advanced unmanned systems, and Turkish BNW Group, a leader in providing military services, successfully conducted full-scale testing of their Remote Weapon Station (RWS). The tests demonstrated the effectiveness of the UAVOS' turret system and related weapon in defeating a wide range of battlefield threats through the engagement of diverse targets including light armor, reinforced concrete structures, and other threats found in the operational environment. The Remote Weapon Station has been designed under the Turkish BNW Group advanced ammunition R&D program where UAVOS had been chosen as the high-performance turret system supplier.

Watch the Remote Weapon Station in action:

The joint Remote Weapon Station development included fitting and integrating the 12,7 mm heavy machine gun in the turret system. This required optimisation of gun aiming and stability performance during maneuvers representing a typical battlefield mission. The tests were undertaken under real test track circumstances where engineers would adjust the gun aiming and stability settings under far from perfect conditions, in the ever-changing terrain. 

UAVOS' vehicle mounted turret system is a remotely-operated system equipped with the optical channels with Electro-Optical/Infra-Red sensors, laser range finder, and designators. The unit has advanced features such as continuous rotation, absolute position support, slow and high speed precision control, and different sets of end-to-end signals from base to payload.

This heavy-duty precision unit supports payloads of up to 130 kg and provides up to 360˚ tilt movement which makes it ideal for a wide range of applications including: defense, homeland security, critical commercial and industrial areas protection.

“The teaming provided an unrivaled combination of UAVOS’s engineering and production capability, and BNW Group’s long experience and innovation as a world-leading remote weapon systems supplier, - said CEO at UAVOS Aliaksei Stratsilatau. “As the complexity of missions continues to grow, we remain committed to providing an innovative portfolio of quality solutions designed to address our customers’ cost, capability and platform requirements.”

Serkan Tanju, Director of BNW Group commented:
“In cooperation with UAVOS we see great potential and intend to expand the scope of our collaboration not only in the production of turrets but also other systems. For example, the next steps of our joint activity will be the adaptation of the existing turret to the unique 30 mm electric heavy machine gun produced by our partner in Turkey, as well as the creation of a new turret with an increased load for the Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) installation”. 

3 November 2022

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