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UAVLAS is pleased to announce the completion of a Series A led by the EVIG Alfa Venture Capital Fund that was established in cooperation with Carlson Venture International LTD


Carlson Venture International LTD investment strategy aims to invest in early stage technology projects focused on R&D with a commercialisation potential.  Existing UAVLAS investor participation includes the Advanced Autonomous Solutions Fund and EVIG Alfa Venture Capital Fund.

The ultra-high precision autonomous landing system for UAVs solves the bottlenecks in the most costly & critical segment last mile delivery. UAVLAS's  precision landing system is able to operate regardless of weather and geolocation conditions. The system consists of a ground transmitter (landing platform) and a lightweight onboard receiver on a drone (Plug&Play) and software enabling the system to operate with commonly known autopilots. The system operates in infrared. The transmitter creates a virtual grid of positions above itself, and the receiver directed by the current grid square determines its position in relation to the landing platform. Such design and software solutions reduce the risk of damage to the UAV through the guarantee of precise landing and extend its application.

Vadim Tarasov, Partner of Advanced Autonomous Solutions Fund, states that «The precision and safe navigation and landing for UAVs is essential to contribute to full industrial adoption of automated delivery». 

“We are proud to have the support of our investors which will help us to expand into new verticals and geographies. Today is another milestone for our customers, partners, and employees, to whom we owe the great growth of our company,” said Yury Kapacheuski, CEO at UAVLAS. 

24 November 2020

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